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Counselling for Children and Young People

I am a qualified and experienced child counsellor. I have worked in a secondary school as teacher and teaching assistant for 15 years prior to counselling.


Once a child or young person is ready to give counselling a try I adopt an approach of fitting to their needs and priorities. The pro-active approach offers a blend of focused listening, emotionally focused play and creative therapy and CBT that works around the expressed needs of the individual. It offers the opportunity to feel and explore and release feelings, find out more about what they are feeling and how they respond to that and create more choice in their responses.


Play and creativity are primary ways of communicating and releasing emotion and a gateway to learning more about feelings and how to manage them.

As an experienced teacher and social education lead I have extensive experience of working with students identified with specific educational needs which gives me the necessary insight to flex and fit the pro-active counselling approach to meet the needs of each child.

The number of session and length of the session can be led by the child or young person. A short number of sessions can give a child or young person some time to release emotions and regain a sense of equilibrium. A longer number can offer support, compassion and choices in dealing with external challenge and stressors.

I can offer assessment sessions and/or parental consultations in order to help you decide if counselling might be helpful and establish what is needed.

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