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How I Work

I work with warmth, compassion and equity to create space for you to explore and release a full range of feelings and experiences. My role as a counsellor is to be alongside you, creating a supported therapeutic space for reflection and emotional release. We can work together to explore patterns of being and thinking that you feel a need to prioritise, resulting in shifts and changes in your perspectives.  If you are seeking supported challenge I will encourage you to examine alternative views on situations, opening space for reflection and consideration; so as to enable you to make your choice of positive changes. I will help you to recognise your own power and find ways to live your life as fully as you possibly can. Including finding ways to process and manage responses, stressors and difficulties which are not in your power to control. At its most basic level counselling is a place where you have space and time to focus on yourself.


Counselling sessions can be carried out over a set and agreed number of sessions with a focus on a certain priority to reflect on or over a longer period of time. If you are new to counselling I can support you in exploring what you would like to focus on in your session time.

Counselling is not about being helped by someone else who suggests solutions to your problems, it is a process of discovery we make together.  Often this process can be difficult and challenging. You may want to talk about painful experiences, feelings or deep-rooted fears. You might be feeling embarrassment or shame. My role is to support you in taking the risk of sharing and helping you to take care of yourself.

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